• Joe Waterman - Elder Chair

    I was born in Oroville, CA in September of 1956.  I was raised in Red Bluff, with a good upbringing in most every respect.  I was not raised in a Christian home, but did attend church with an aunt who lived with us.  I asked Christ into my life at an early age, but did not realize the power of this commitment until later in life.

    I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and three beautiful children.  Carol Ann, Sarah, Rebekah and JoAnna are truly gifts from God; I can not imagine myself without them, just as I can not imagine living without the Lord in our lives.

    I attended HumboldtStateUniversity, and have a degree in Forestry.  This is where I met Carol Ann, who was completing her degree(s) in Zoology and Wildlife Management.  I am retired from California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) where I served as a Division Chief, overseeing our departments emergency response capability for Lassen, Modoc, and Plumas Counties.

    I have been privileged to serve this congregation on both the deacon and elder boards, and am honored to be considered for return to service.

  • Steve Brown - Elder Vice Chair

    While I knew most of the bible characters at the age of 10, the church was just a building and the Bible was a collection of historical stories. I was oblivious to the "bad news" of the fall of man, the "good news" of the Gospel, my personal accountability to God, His desire to know and fellowship with me, and that my purpose in life was to worship and serve Him.

    At age 18, I wanted to receive what I studied in detail - the Book of Mormon - so my girlfriend of 2 years and I could have a future together. God protected me. I began to hear a gentle knocking in my heart by age 20, through attending Fellowship of Christian Athletes' Bible studies and God using a number of people sharing their testimonies and faith with me.

    Within a year God provided what I really needed - a dependable, hardworking and fun weight training partner. Really! I thought I was just getting a buddy to train with, yet God gave me a future roommate brother in Christ, pastor and the man who would introduce me to my future wife. By the following year the knocking was louder and more frequent. I was living in a house with five super Christian guys, attending church and Bible studies, going through the Navigator's Lessons on Assurance study and meeting with our college pastor to challenge him with tough questions. In November 1988, I answered the door to the God shaped vacuum in my life, asking God to forgive my sins and for Jesus to be my Lord. My life has been forever changed and I am eternally grateful.

  • Dan Foos - Elder

    I grew up in a loving family with strong moral and ethical standards yet had no knowledge or understanding of spiritual things. While on leave from the Army I dated this young lady who invited me to Church. I had the feeling that it wouldn’t be right to go to Church just because I wanted to be with her so I said no thanks. Later back on post in Arizona I decided to go to a service to see what it was all about. It was there I felt God’s leading and responded to an alter call and accepted Christ as my savior. My life was changed forever on that day. I married that young lady and we have been on a wonderful journey through God’s grace and forgiveness from that time on. 

  • Scott Gibson - Elder

    My name is Scott Gibson.  I was born in Two Rivers, Wisconsin and moved at the age of one to Ontario, California.  In 1973 I married my wife Sandi and we will be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary on June 16th of this year.  We have one daughter Jenn.  I worked for Knudsen Creamery in Los Angeles and City of Industry for 32 years before retiring and moving to Lake Almanor in 2006.

    I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior when I was 11 years old which was 1963.  I made this early decision at the church that I attended with my parents.

    In 1979 I re-dedicated my life to the Lord through a friend and co-worker of mine whom I'm still very close to.  Glen gave me some tapes of others Testimonies and it was at that time, as an adult, I realized that God was utmost important in my life and it was then that I told Glen that I wanted to grow more as a Christian man and be the Spiritual Leader in my home.  Since that day in 1979 I have continued my growth and walk with Jesus.

    God has called me to do His work and one vehicle has been EE-Evangelism Explosion where I have been a Trainee, Trainer and a Teacher from 1999-2006.  EE has impacted my life greatly.  It has enabled me to share the Gospel in a non-threatening manner to co-workers, friends, family, strangers and the kids I touched for God in Water Polo as a High School coach.  God has given me this gift and He has let me see many come to know Him and watch them grow spiritually.  This has been such a blessing and now that I am retired and up here in LakeAlmanor, I have continued to do God's will by witnessing to others for Him.  EE has strengthened my knowledge of God and has guided me along with the Holy Spirit to do what we all must do...be an effective witness.

    As a member of Lake Almanor Community Church, I have served as an Elder, AWANA Leader and a Small Group Leader.  It is my honor and pleasure to serve where God puts me.

  • John Erickson - Elder/Associate Pastor

    Born in Los Angeles, California, in August, 1960 , John was raised in a Spokane, Washington in a Christian  home. His musical training started at age 6 with involvement in the Salvation Army brass band. He played the baritone, alto and coronet.  In 1969, he committed his life to following and serving Jesus. During his Junior and High School years John sang in multiple choirs and began playing rhythm guitar, his primary instrument.  John joined the Navy right out of high school and met his lovely wife Debra while serving at Mare Island Naval Shipyard as a teacher of Advanced Electronics.  He married Debra on December 21, 1985.  After leaving the Navy in 1993 John served as the full-time Associate/Worship Pastor at Crossroads Christian Church in Vacaville, CA.  During that time he graduated from Pacific Union College in 2000 with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Business Leadership. In April of 2000, he was called to Lake Almanor Community Church in the beautiful mountains of Northern California as the Associate/Worship Pastor.  John and Debra have two children Virginia, 20, and Benjamin, 17.


    Phone:  530-596-3683530-596-3683 x106
    Email: pastorjohn66@me.com
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  • Pastor Paul - Elder/Student Ministries Pastor

    I have been the Pastor of Student Ministries here at Lake Alamanor Community Church since 2006.  I've been married to my wife Carol for 16 years, and we have a beautiful 4 year old daughter named Samantha.  She is the highlight of our days.  Student ministry has been such a blessing to me over the past 8 years.  I love getting to know Jr. and Sr. High School students and helping them grow more and more solid in their walks with the Lord.  I love watching kids grow into young adults as a part of this minsitry, and it does my heart good when they live their lives for Him.


    Email:  pbernard@lacconline.org
    Phone: 530-596-3683530-596-3683 x103
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