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Once a year, typically in Spring, LACC Student Ministries partners with a missions organization somewhere in the world and sends students to serve the poor and disadvantaged.  Our goal is to balance domestic and international trips, recognizing that God is a work all over the world.  We also have learned that Short Term Mission greatly impacts our lives as we go. At least once every four years, we organize trips to overseas destinations so that students can travel abroad for the glory of God at least once in their high school career.  In 2008, we took a group of 30 students to Ecuador and in 2012, we took 25 students to Costa Rica. In 2016 we took a group of 15 to Belize. We have also been blessed by serving alongside ministries in Thailand, Arizona, Los Angeles, Reno, and San Francisco.

This year, we are going to serve with Mexico Caravan Ministries during